Paints that don't cost our earth

We produce paint with the environment and quality in mind. High quality raw material with eco friendly manufacturing processes and our own unique formulas create the best paint for all your needs.

We believe less is more - fewer and more versatile products reduce waste and time spent applying and at the same time you save money.

Reasons to choose eicó paints


eicó paints are manufactured using 100% pure quality acrylic. It is the acrylic that prevents blistering, cracking, and permits colour retention. Paints often dictate the overall instalment process, Having a high quality acrylic to work with makes the process faster, better and easier.. Strive for quality


eicó paint is easy and quick to apply with great coverage, you can use brush, roller or spray. It is all the same. This also makes eicó paint an economical and practical choice.


With eicó, top quality does not translate into high prices. Our pure acrylic paint manufactured in Iceland and Sweden using 100% geothermal and hydropower energy. Durability and exceptional coverage reduces the cost both when applying and over time. Creating value.


eicó paint is a high quality paint that will not fade or flake. It will last for many years, this makes it an economical and time saving choice.

Eco friendly

At eicó we believe that the entire processes should be environmentally friendly. We do not do one range of “eco”. We are a company that is environmentally friendly through and through. Make a difference, think about the environment.


With significantly fewer products than any other brands eicó has streamlined your selection, we still cover any substrate and work inside as well as outside – Alterior. All our products can be tinted in any colour you want to increase depth of colour and save you time and money.

More reasons to choose eicó paints

Colour specialist

We have over 10000 of our own eicó colours, which can be applied to every wall and floor finish. If however you cannot find the exact colour, we can work with you to create or copy any colour of your choice. We can also help you build your own unique colour range.


We have been in this business a long time – we can supply and give advice on every and any surface you want to paint and protect. We would be delighted to advise you and work with you on your project.. Demand service.


eicó create paint products made to last and all are washable to keep them crisp and fresh longer. Nice colours look better clean.


eicó paints have been specified for numerous hospital and school projects because it is APEO free. eicó is therefore the ideal choice for public installations. Our Helmatt been tested and it complies with the Asthma and Allergy Foundation’s specifications in Sweden. eicó only have odourless and solvent free paint products.

eicó paints is for the thoughtful and modern user

eicó paints are suitable both indoors and outdoors, on pretty much any solid surface. An adaptable range of paint types, environmental pedigree, colour freedom and the high quality you have all what you need in an eicó paint tin. Quality and autonomy with you and the environment in focus.


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