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At eicó we believe in sustainability, and that everything we need can be produced cleanly and safely,  without compromising our own environment. In 2011 eicó registered in Hong Kong, with the sole aim of revolutionising the paint industry in the greater bay area. The most environmentally conscious paint products, and the best pre and post purchase service is what differentiates us from the competition. We set out to improve your immediate environment while being sustainable for the wider world. We have received recognition from multiple bodies in Hong Kong, the greater bay area as well as in Europe, for excellence in environmental consideration. This along with all our happy customers so far has shown us we’re on the right track and keep us excited about our continued growth.

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"The best experience in retail and service I've ever experienced from this type of product, really great stuff too!"

Client since 2018

"We are very happy with the green colored walls! Thank you for all your kind assistance in selecting a color."

Client since 2019

"I can tell you are very good at what you do and that you have great customer service."

Client since 2020

"Thanks for helping my contractor to get the extra paint so that they could finish in time before we moved in."

Client since 2020


Sustainability. The right reasons ensure the right outcome

Sustainability – a reason why   We can not have missed the news over the recent weeks, it has been like this for years but of late it seems to be happening all over this planet more and more. Natural and weather disasters. We have read only the last few days...

2021 Colour of the Year

2021 the year that promise to be, at least in the beginning, restrictive and globally stationary. Therefore, we need to find ways to enjoy ourselves, make our days interesting. One way to do that is to paint your home, your walls or your furniture. Pick a brand that...

2019 Q&A with eicó founder

How would you describe the way you work with sustainability in your company today? "eico is one of the most sustainable paint makers in the world. We as one of the few companies are looking at the processes from cradle to grave. For example we do not use fossil fuel...

Home Painting Pointers from the Professionals

So, you want to paint your home quickly and easily? Getting paint on a wall seems simple enough, open the tin, dip the brush, and start slapping it on! There can be some complexity in getting the exact finish you desire, and getting a professional and perfect couple...

Sugoplanet Clean Air Lamps

What they can do The Guilin and Fly designs both use light stimulated chemical reactions to remove noxius particles from the air, meaning the air is cleaner and the room is illuminated with an aesthetic and abstract lamp, providing smooth light and cleaner air. Here...

2020 Trends in Decorative

Saying the coming year out loud and seeing it in writing it feels like something you see in a science fiction movie. 2020. The world we live in is feeling strained more than ever before. We hear, on a daily basis, about the impact we humans have had on the planet and...

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