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At eicó we believe in sustainability, and that everything we need can be produced cleanly and safely,  without compromising our own environment. In 2011 eicó registered in Hong Kong, with the sole aim of revolutionising the paint industry in the greater bay area. The most environmentally conscious paint products, and the best pre and post purchase service is what differentiates us from the competition. We set out to improve your immediate environment while being sustainable for the wider world. We have received recognition from multiple bodies in Hong Kong, the greater bay area as well as in Europe, for excellence in environmental consideration. This along with all our happy customers so far has shown us we’re on the right track and keep us excited about our continued growth.

Sustainable Business

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"The best experience in retail and service I've ever experienced from this type of product, really great stuff too!"

Client since 2018

"We are very happy with the green colored walls! Thank you for all your kind assistance in selecting a color."

Client since 2019

"I can tell you are very good at what you do and that you have great customer service."

Client since 2020

"Thanks for helping my contractor to get the extra paint so that they could finish in time before we moved in."

Client since 2020


Its not always nice to be right

New studies have shown the extent of dangerous compounds which can spread into even the brains of children, even babies. This shocking news is perhaps not anything we should be all too surprised by. Extreme pollution levels on a regular basis, even on Hong Kong’s best...

Mold and I

The season of hot and hotter with a splash of humidity is here. Days are warmer wetter and a little bit longer. It is time to start to avoiding mold and fungus growth in homes and offices.   What do we do when we have mold and how can we avoid it?   There...

Palace Museum

The museum that started construction some years ago is now only days from having its doors opened for the public. Anyone in Hong Kong will be able to see priceless art and get to know about cultures and histories from near and far. eicó was the paint product that was...

Colours and how to combine them

    Many of us struggle to pick a colour or combine colours. To find the right colour for a space or a piece of furniture. We know what colours we like and we often just lack the confidence in our selves when it comes to pick the mood and emotion that...

Whats the difference between “Greenwashing” and real sustainability?

We are heading towards sustainability and a better way, or are we?   Today everything is “green” in part or in full. Yesterday I watched a TV show that stated that even it was green. What makes it green? How can it be greener than before? Do they use less carbon,...

2022 Colour of the Year

2022 is an exciting year for sure. We have a lot to learn from in 2021 and even more to be cautiously optimistic about in 2022. To say the year was in anyway ideal would be foolish, though to say people the world over weren't able to make the best of it is perhaps...

VOC and health benefits, marketing tools?

How much can we rely on the facts and slogans relating to toxicity, health and sustainability? We all start with great intentions when considering painting and want the best for our walls. We often do some research and find some paints we like. Most of the time we...

Sustainability. The right reasons ensure the right outcome

Sustainability – a reason why   We can not have missed the news over the recent weeks, it has been like this for years but of late it seems to be happening all over this planet more and more. Natural and weather disasters. We have read only the last few days...

2021 Colour of the Year

2021 the year that promise to be, at least in the beginning, restrictive and globally stationary. Therefore, we need to find ways to enjoy ourselves, make our days interesting. One way to do that is to paint your home, your walls or your furniture. Pick a brand that...

2019 Q&A with eicó founder

How would you describe the way you work with sustainability in your company today? "eico is one of the most sustainable paint makers in the world. We as one of the few companies are looking at the processes from cradle to grave. For example we do not use fossil fuel...

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