2021 Colour of the Year

A promising colour for an optimistic outlook on a new year
Pink and Green cards

2021 the year that promise to be, at least in the beginning, restrictive and globally stationary. Therefore, we need to find ways to enjoy ourselves, make our days interesting. One way to do that is to paint your home, your walls or your furniture. Pick a brand that will be safe and without smell you can in comfort do it at home. So, you done all your puzzles, you watch all re-runs of classic TV series and you are bored of zoom dinners. Grab yourself a roller or a paint brush and start brighten your home.

Why not apply the colour of 2021. Tealer.

It is a colour that brings the secret of the Saragossa sea to your home. It oozes lazy days by a tropical beach. A nice dinner overlooking an emerald sea. The breast of a duck shaking its head free of drops of water.

A greenish blue that will change with the time of day. In sharp daylight it will feel refreshing and current. At night when the light is dimming and the noise subsides it will embrace you, cocoon you and relax you. It is a multifaceted colour that will work in a bedroom as well as in a living room. Use it as an accent colour or be brave and use it as the main colour. Combine it with lighter tones of sandy beiges and soft mustard yellows. If you feel brave why not combine with a grown-up pink.