Sustainability – a reason why


We can not have missed the news over the recent weeks, it has been like this for years but of late it seems to be happening all over this planet more and more. Natural and weather disasters. We have read only the last few days about such events in China, India, Germany, USA and so on. It is not a single isolated event rather repeated events that according to experts are increasing in frequency and severity. Same experts are unified in the reason. It is our constant increase pollution of air and water that are the reason. A single reason for a multitude of disasters. Sounds pretty easy to fix?

Can you imagine what happened if we got serious flooding in Hong Kong. A landslide of similar size as those that happened in Germany recently? Tunnels filling up with no way of escaping in one or all of the tunnels crossing Victoria harbour? It is scary to think that it can and most likely will happen also here.

The people that survived any of these ordeals will forever be dedicated to live in sync with the environment. When will we that not yet have had the experience take the leap and start caring about things that really matters?

It is not going to go away regardless of wealth. It is simply not possible to build to protect against disasters of this magnitude. Whatever we have or we do weather and nature will always conquer.

A more ethereal being would say that this is Mother Earth telling us enough is enough. She was here long before us and she will be here long after we are gone. We, humans, are the guests. We should start to respect the Mother, and live in a way that we can continue to live and use the abundance she offers us. She is just like all our own mothers when we do wrong, she is telling us to change.

Additionally, there is always a question of money, and the power we associate with someone who has a lot of it. We value our life by the size of our bank account balances. Success is measured in financial wealth. Yet, we all know that it is not going to avoid any landslide or torrential rain that will create them in our own city.  Can we perhaps find a middle ground?

Its probably fair to say that money and its creation is the best and most straightforward success metric we have at the moment, on the flip side, what we spend this hard earned money on is perhaps the best way to show what we like, believe in and quite blatantly need and want, this is a fact of economics more than anything else. That is why I have spent almost all my money on eicó and will continue until it is all gone. Wealth only matters if you use it. That is my vision and my pledge to my family, and I stand by it today, I stood by it yesterday and most importantly will continue to stand by it tomorrow.

– Joakim Cimmerbeck, eicó founder