2022 Colour of the Year

A comforting and warm beam of sunlight, not harsh and not too hot, like Goldilocks' golden locks
Pink and Green cards

2022 is an exciting year for sure. We have a lot to learn from in 2021 and even more to be cautiously optimistic about in 2022. To say the year was in anyway ideal would be foolish, though to say people the world over weren’t able to make the best of it is perhaps equally foolish. At eicó we have tried to distill this optimism mixed with mild trepidation into a soft, pleasant colour which represents the golden hopes of 2022, and the comforts we are enjoying already.

A bright orangey-yellow, with a comforting, warm and homely feel. Reminiscent of childhood and a throwback feeling, to when bright colours popped on suits and cars alike. Dune shimmer is simple and pleasant, like a store bought vanilla custard, there is nothing divisive or controversial, just a joyful yellow.

The colour was inspired by the softness of sand seen from far away, where individual grains melt into one another and the low slung sun bounces a rich hue off the mélange. Desert haze may have lowered the saturation a little, meaning its comfortable in your eyeline for a long time, never jarring and never too intense. For 2022 the colour is perfect, its something we can all agree on, and is revitalized with a modern feeling by eicó and the colour of the year. The colour of family and nostalgia, sunlight and sweet treats, butter melting on steamed corn, sweet mango in a cold sago.

Pink and Green cards