Palace Museum

in Kowloon Cultural District

The museum that started construction some years ago is now only days from having its doors opened for the public. Anyone in Hong Kong will be able to see priceless art and get to know about cultures and histories from near and far.

eicó was the paint product that was chosen in the usual competition for this project. Several characteristics of our product, which relate to everything from technical specification of our paint to the level of service we offer to all our clients, were considered and ultimately meant eicó was the standout option for the museum’s paint job. Amongst so many paint providers, it was found that none came close on many aspects.

From a technical point of view, eicó is the only product that is totally free from solvents and any potentially corrosive material. This includes not only the base paint, it is true even independent of colour choice, the same can’t be said for nigh on all other providers as most use solvent-based products when making colours. This was a very important aspect as the risk of chemical damage from chemical vapor or any other potential distribution can damage priceless artefacts. The preservation of our cultural history is a very important consideration but what about a purely financial point of view. How and at what price can these pieces be repaired if there was any chemical damage. An insurance nightmare if it were to happen.

The fact that we also assisted and provided a lot of data and technical specifications for our products over and beyond what is commonly required also helped them to pick eicó.


The other aspect, which mad eicó the only choice, was the total freedom when creating colours and trying to replicate colours, based on the building the museum is inspired by, the Forbidden city in Beijing.

We created some very light grey colours, to represent the materials used in the construction of this archaic building, along with the crimson red that you can see on the big doors at the entrance to the palace in Beijing.

The colours that we selected especially for this project are named exactly as you would expect.

Premium white. A very light grey colour which is restful and will enhance any art it provides a backdrop to.

Museum white. Like a twin sibling to Premium white, it is the same yet different, a small hue shift, giving an ever so slightly earthier tone, while providing for the same purpose.

Museum red. A crimson red with a bit of an attitude. It covers the distance between red and maroon and draws attention everywhere it is applied.

Misty grey. One of eicó’s classics was perfect just as it was. A fuller light grey compared to the other two pale colours, it completes the set of greys and whites.


Pink and Green cards
Pink and Green cards

We are very excited to see what the museum will show, and how magnificent the building will look after its open to the public. We hope eicó has done its part providing a lovely day out in Hong Kong’s newest and perhaps grandest museum.