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Brief History

eicó was created at the turn of the millennium following several years of research, development and exhaustive testing in our laboratory. Alterior matt, eicó’s flagship durable and washable paint took 4 years of testing and iteration before it was available in any market. From comprehensive and complete work, comes premium quality, in every part of the range. We did not shy away from either laboratory or “field testing” by professional painters in Europe. This provided critical feedback, meaning our products could be further refined and, in great detail, optimised. As a result of this work eicó is now thought to be, by every good painter who has experience with the product, perhaps the highest quality paint available, which is made even more exciting as we’ve maintained the negligible environmental impact.

eicó HK was started in 2011, and has been offering our full line up of paints and more since 2015.


About eicó

eicó set out, about a decade ago, to provide a better solution to some issues within the paint and interior decoration industry in Hong Kong and the greater bay area.

The aim is a simple one really, change perception of what these products should be, by providing just that. What eicó is is a guarantee of sustainable production, with your safety and the environments longevity at its heart. With an uncomprimising attitude to quality, and an ambition to provide the best product for every possible application, in the simplest possible form, we have established the premium brand among decorative products, leading the way in all facets of what these products need to do!

You can no longer accept that paint will lose its colour, or yellow over time, or that only a few colours are available, you also can’t accept that you need safety equipment when using a household decorative product. With lifelong colour retention and no odour, as well as a near incalculable variation of colours to suit any need you could dream of, eicó provides the cutting edge, in the hopes that we become the normal, for your benefit and for your home’s

Paint with eicó at a Glance

We’ve provided paint for hundreds of large commercial projects, and thousands of satisfied customers!

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Clients using eicó in Hong Kong since 2015


Customer satisfaction

2022 so far...

2022 has brought us a whole lot of new eager environmentally concious customers. Luckily we have continued to be able to provide eicó paint to them alongside a large number of large scale projects, with even the larger coorporate clients having what seems like growing genuine interest in the sustainable and health considerations to do with our industry.


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