This product is intended for use on ceilings with its extra low gloss level (4). This hides glare and reflections from lights and gives a classic style.

  • chalk
  • bone
  • antique white
  • Algerian coral
  • Amsterdam
  • anthracite
  • avocado
  • Bei Jing
  • blue sage
  • bluegrass
  • borg
  • Bus Stop
  • Cape Town
  • charcoal
  • crispy apple
  • fleet
  • forbidden city
  • grödan
  • haapsalu
  • painters white
  • Hong Kong
  • Jing De Zhen
  • johan
  • klein
  • metropolitan
  • Miami
  • miro
  • Moscow
  • pink gin
  • polar blue
  • prague
  • Pure Black
  • Pure Blue
  • Pure Green
  • Pure Orange
  • Pure Red
  • Pure White
  • Pure Yellow
  • salt pertre
  • sawdust
  • sunset
  • vanilla white
  • wedgewood green
  • white black
  • white pink
  • wood stock
  • Yun Nan
  • air force

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

5L, 2.5L


chalk, bone, antique white, Algerian coral, Amsterdam, anthracite, avocado, Bei Jing, blue sage, bluegrass, borg, Bus Stop, Cape Town, charcoal, crispy apple, fleet, forbidden city, grödan, haapsalu, painters white, Hong Kong, Jing De Zhen, johan, klein, metropolitan, Miami, miro, Moscow, pink gin, polar blue, prague, Pure Black, Pure Blue, Pure Green, Pure Orange, Pure Red, Pure White, Pure Yellow, salt pertre, sawdust, sunset, vanilla white, wedgewood green, white black, white pink, wood stock, Yun Nan, air force


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