Zlism Mural Project

This mural, as seen on a construction site for the water supply department in Ma On Shan, is Zoie’s latest project with eicó paint. The colours are varied and bright, see what she has to say about the design and the characters in the mural.


今次這個大型壁畫是以Zlism世界為主視覺, zlism世界中呈現的是跟山景一樣的世界,𥚃面有一眾z山神,在這個綠悠悠的世界中也出現回這個地方特有的特色-竹林。土撥鼠博士和朋友在這個zlism 世界內行山走走,他們和z山神們一起歡迎大家到來,迎接新的工程完成。

“The large-scale mural art is from the world of Zlism. A landscape view of this Zlism world, with vast mountains and awesome scale.
There are many Z mountain gods wandering the great expanse, a landscape with many interesting and unique features. Bamboo forests appear, making this a greener world.
Dr. Marmot and his friends are walking in this Zlism world. They and the Z mountain gods welcome everyone to their domain and await with excitement the completion of the new project.”