The K11 MUSEA art installations offered an opportunity for eicó paint’s to show their true durability and versatility characteristics. Even our flagship wall paint, alterior matt, not designed to be a floor coating, was used by artists to decorate areas of the floor, and after a year of use by 1000s of visitors a day, there are barely signs of wear and damage. The large tricolour striped covering was also coated in a n additional layer of varnish provided by eicó. This product is available by request, call us to find out more. 

The various pieces of artwork were done by the brilliant Adrian Wong, and Bao Ho. Mr Wong was responsible for the striped floor covering which is really stunning as it leads through a large hallway, mesmerizing and alluring it snakes around corners and really illuminates the area. @simplebao’s contribution included a column with character motifs in a very interesting pastel pallette, bringing a story to you as you turn a corner and circle around it.

Alterior Matt