What really matters?

Our planet matters.

We act to create a safer and better shared future. To make a difference in people’s lives, their communities and the hopefully entire planet.

A zero waste world.

We strive to reduce waste and help you make it easier to reduce your waste too. With recyclable materials, returnable leftovers, and durable, long lasting products, we have laid out the groundwork for a minimal waste experience.

Maximizing water availability

Where we produce has been deliberately set down for many reasons. Perhaps cheif among them is the availability of pure glacial water, and the relative drought risk in aother areas where paint is manufactured. eicó is unique in the industry in that it causes no stress on the water source it uses.

ZERO carbon production

Manufacture of eicó paint is powered exclusively by zero carbon emission sources, including geothermal, hydro, and wind.

Independent testers

Nordic swan

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Iceland University




You may be curious to know more about sustainability and what eicó means when we say we are sustainable. In short, we believe that to be sustainable is to produce without forgoing the opportunity for anyone else in the future to produce or live safetly. That means, not running out of precious non-renewable resources, and not creating environmental damage which compromises the productivity of future generations.


It is important to also consider what we mean when we claim to be sustainable. We have no guarantee that future generations will not be compromised by what people do now, but we are confident that we are doing all we can to help keep our earth safe and clean for the future. We know that endless replication of the same processes is not really possible theoretically speaking, but we are also damn sure we get as close to that mark as we can!


0 carbon production

thoughtfully sourced

Choosing the correct place to source and manufacture products can provide many benefits. As you’ve likely already seen, one is zero carbon production capabilities. This means we do no have any carbon footprint in manufacturing at all. The other, equally important, benefits of choosing to produce in Iceland and Sweden is of course access to many materials locally. The main one of course being water. Water scarcity elsewhere in the world is not threatened by eicó paint production like it is by other brands. Using recycled materials for binders and other ingredients means we also reduce waste before the product is even in your hands. Its already done good in the world before you dip your brush in it.

Carbon absorption

eicó strives for fresher air, and as low net emissions as is possible. Our paint actually absorbs CO2 during the drying process. We’ve calculated that given ideal drying conditions*, the paint we sell in Hong Kong alone absorbs approximately 250 kilograms of carbon dioxide in one year.

*see 2021 sustainability report for more details and breakdown.

tested sustainability

many independent testers

Internal testing? We think the notion that that can be used to claim anything with any reliability is somewhat silly. As such, we have used as many independent and official testers as we could. You can see some of them in the slider above. If you would like to see the results of this testing, get in touch with the eicó team; contact us


Find our material saftey data sheets by clicking here. This will help you make informed decisions about the choice of paint you use, no marketing, no confusion, just data, for you.

sustainability reports

why do we need sustainability reports?

The simple fact is, not disclosing our own struggles and hard work, and thought process behind sustainable choices and work, would make our efforts to be an example to other businesses, large or small, the world over, less effective. View all by clicking here.

Sustainability 2021