2020 Trends in Decorative

What 2020 decorative trends might look like from the eyes of someone in the industry in 2019

Saying the coming year out loud and seeing it in writing it feels like something you see in a science fiction movie. 2020.

The world we live in is feeling strained more than ever before. We hear, on a daily basis, about the impact we humans have had on the planet and its inhabitants. The aggressive ways we use or, to put it more harshly, we abuse the resources. The effect of this information will impact how we decorate our homes, what we buy and how we feel about it. Its important to do the right thing where we can, safe in the knowledge that if everyone does their best to be sustainable and concious of whats going on in the natural world around us, all can be well in the end.

As consumers, we are becoming more sustainable and health conscious. This is a good thing and the trend continues this year, and surely will next year too.

At one point in recent times we were heading for a repeat and an update of the strong colours of the 1980ies. Browns, orange, yellow and strong pinks. That quickly went away but we did bring some of the hues with us. This is still going to be a part of our colours during 2020. Even if we will not use the sharpest and clearest, we will use strong tones. Such as Flame by eicó, this colour or closely related versions is in most producers colour scheme. The alternatives to this sharp orange would be Algerian coral, a colour, that is in between pink and orange, introduced last year and will continue to be part of the trend. Honolulu a strong mustard yellow that soothes and relaxes you. The opposite of these are the range of soft pinks. It is no longer the property of young girls. Pink has become a useful colour in home decoration. Himalayan salt, Quartz and Almost pink are some of the pinks that will be part of the new trend.

New colours that we already start to see being used by early adopters are robust reds and lively blue teals. Such as Dalaran a strong red with discreet pink tones. With a lot of daylight, it will give the impression of a lighter colour than it actually is and when night comes, and Joe Cocker serenading out of our speakers, we get the soft velvety cozy feeling. Library blue, a statesman like blue that will make any room feel regal and refined. Or remember the days of weddings with Bridesmaid teal, naturally goes perfectly well with whites.

Deschambault beach a purply red colour that will feel at home in a family room or anywhere you like to create a den, a hiding place.

Also, in this family of colours we find the classics such as Bordeaux, a colour of a fine wine. It will feel at home in a dining room or any area designed for entertaining. When you like to create a feel of the old world. Spanish leather gives you the feel of the strong colours from the Moors and the history of Seville. Paired with a light sunny blue or why not a warm yellow, it will create a superb room that you like to show to all your friends.

Pink and Green cards

All these colours are created to make a statement and will be perfect to combine with the classic colours such as Gustavian grey or Swedish grey. Both colours are light grey with a hint of green.

The birth of these tones are attributed to King Gustav III, who spent a lot of his life before he was assassinated in 1792 on design and colours. His staple colour was grey in all different shades and they were often combined with solid saturated colours. If it good for a king…


Dusty light greys/whites are as always very popular and perfect to use when decorating busy rooms that have a wide range of colours or a lot of furniture. Misty grey, a subtle and refined white, works well for this. Or why not get the feel of an island retreat with Sea island cotton.


On to a colour that for too long been almost banished, except in grandmothers’ old carpets. Brown. It is such a solid and literally down to earth colour that we should consider it a bit more than we do.

Some new browns should be introduced to the 2020 colour scheme, Desert twilight is a soft earthy brown that will make a bedroom feel heartfelt and hospitable. Or why not be brave and use Pure brown. A stout and rich colour that will make a strong statement and you will start a trend. Combined with blues it will create a fresh and calming room. Hydrating a crisp light blue or why not try Polar blue.

The exciting colour to look out for according to eicó in 2020 is Gaia. Greek for mother earth. It is time we start using it smarter and I am not only talking about mother earth herself but also the colour. Gaia.