Lamps from Sugoplanet

Artistic instillations that illuminate and purify the room around you

What they can do

The Guilin and Fly designs both use light stimulated chemical reactions to remove noxius particles from the air, meaning the air is cleaner and the room is illuminated with an aesthetic and abstract lamp, providing smooth light and cleaner air. Here at eicó we have long seen the benefits of certain components of our paint, which have a similar effect to the lamps from Sugoplanet. Titanium dioxide is one such compound, which actively removes carbon from the air, when enough light is available to catalyse the reaction. These lamps perform similar processes with a higher concentration of compounds which work to remove not only carbon from the air. In fact it is likely to have even a antibacterial/disinfectant effect (according to Sugoplanet) which may even aid in removing more than just noxious compounds from the air. With the lamps themselves providing adequate lgith for the reaction to occur, this means that any time the lamps are on the effect will be in action, making the device itself a fuctional light source used for illumination as well as air purification is a very smart solution.

At eicó we like the idea of having one more way to acheive one of our aims, cleaner air, not only at the industrial level but of course, in your homes. This is why we decided to help in the production of these functional works of art, which recently won the German Design Award for 2021 in its category. All the paint used in manufacture of these products is eicó so you can be assured that even in production sustainabilty is at the forefront.


This model is a ceiling mounted lamp which works best as part of a cluster, providing top down light to an entire room.


This variant is a landscape decorative piece, reminiscent of a mountainscape, providing ambient light smoothly and cleanly diffused into part of a room.

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