Mural by UUendy Lau

UUendy Lau (with help from May Wong) has created a real stand out art installation in the heart of the bustling central district, where party goers and coffee drinkers enjoy the social side of the city in Hong Kong.

This beautifal wall has bright colours and minute detail, with a pristine direction and an absolutely gorgeous overall view, the white backdrop makes the store front really pop out from the surrounding tumult of buildings. On the flip side the pure sharp white also makes the bright flowers pop, a joyful scene in the usually weathered and worn buildings surrounding it. Using eicó means these beautiful colours have remained as impactful as they were from day one for a few years already. Whats more the facade is fully washable which allows the busy environment’s dust to be easily whiped off, and keep it from settling on the artwork. We are so happy this great mural is done with our durable, colour retentive and ever-bright colours, so that its enjoyed for as long as possible!

Alterior Matt