Flowers in Shouson Hill

A real show of versatility and design ingenuity, using subtle changes in tone to match bolder colour elsewhere. Colour coordinating rooms makes ever room feel unique, and matching intensity assures you’re never too shocked going from room to room, a lovely cohesive way to create some variation in your home. 

Here alterior matt shines with versatility and tactility, being durable enough to be handled and touched by passers by in the hallways and staircase means you won’t need to repaint the walls any time soon, 10+ years by our reckoning. For teh roof space an extra tough higher gloss paint, alterior satin, was used. In the bone colour, satin looks quaint and comfortable and with the baking sun on it every day for years and years, you can be glad with the fact that the paint may never yellow or discolour. 

Alterior Matt

Alterior Satin