Xshop Singapore

The Xshop in singapore designed by concourse, is a staatement of singular design. One vision, using a beautiful array of colours curated by eicó. The matt black ceiling makes colourful detail stick out, creating a deep set ceiling for an interesting mood and hides utilities on the ceiling. The colours were selected with help from the colour professionals here at eicó, the bright red and subtle green both fit the theme of the shop, and add excitment to an otherwise classically clean look. Using high gloss paint to cover the lamp shades, and matt paint on the smaller inner disk was a creative idea, allowing maximum light diffusion without a particular harsh glare from the ceiling lights. The surrounding walls and much of the rest of the interior is painted with pure white, again a classic look, reminiscant of the 60s with the tiled walls adjascent to the painted ones. Matching the colour themes with painted furniture makes everything feel like it belongs, nothing is brought in and the character is cohesive throughout the entire shop.

Alterior Matt

Alterior Gloss