Yang Pu district Office

Renovation in an office space may be simpler to get right than a home or mural but is still high pressure as your success is directly linked to the success of the business happening in the space. As such, with eicó helping you out, we’re very glad to say only the best results will come of using our paint. This Shanghai office space is a great example of clean, efficient space, which is open and airy, while still feeling private and professional. Using a pure black alterior matt or helmatt on the ceiling will always help make utilities less distracting, and makes a volume more interesting and deep. While pure white opens a space up and can make a room seem as big as it can, combining a black ceiling and white walls is a great combination for a modern professional look.

The users of the office can rest assured that their workspace will lok high quality and clean (at least on the walls) for years and years to come, meaning less interruption in the workflow for renovations down the line, a great perk that only comes when using eicó paints.

Alterior Matt